Custom Graphite Fly Rods

MHX Graphite Fly Rods

I am again offering custom graphite rods built on MHX travel fly graphite blanks. 

This fast action, intermediate modulus blank series represents quality and performance that is only be available as a custom built rod.  MHX rods are very light fast-action, sensitive and accurate rods.  They can cast a fly a “country mile” and land that fly accurately to feeding fish.  These rods are not available as factory builds, you can only get them from custom rod builders like me.

I offer these slate-gray blanks in a standard build with a reversed half-wells cork grip and aluminum up-locking seat in line weights 3 to 6, and silver aluminum seat with fixed cork fighting butt in line weights 7 through 10.  Custom options are available, including some choice of blank color.  All rods have a custom bag and aluminum tube.

All MHX blanks are factory inspected and then assigned an individual serial number.  Each rod can then be registered on-line to establish a Limited Lifetime Warrantee transferable from owner to owner.

I also offer a White Blank 9'0" 5 weight fly rod for those who find slate-gray not their favorite color.




MHX fast action graphite 4 pc rods

Model                    Length                     Line Wt.                    Action                     Price

MHX763                  7'6"                           3 or 4                 Mod-fast                     $275

MHX803                  8'0"                           3 or 4                 Fast                            $280

MHX865                  8'6"                           5                        Fast                            $290

MHX903                  9'0"                           3                        Fast                            $300  

MHX904                  9'                              4                        Fast                            $300

MHX905                  9'                              5                        Fast                            $300

MHX905-white         9'                               5                        Fast                          $300

MHX906                  9'                               6                        Fast                           $300

MHX907                 9'                               7                        Fast                            $320

MHX908                 9'                               8                        Fast                            $320

MHX909                 9'                               9                        Fast                            $340

MHX9010               9'                             10                        Fast                            $340



MHX Moderate fast action graphite 3 pc rods

MHX also makes a series of graphite small stream and ultra-light blanks:

MHX662-3              6'6"                            2                         Mod-Fast                  $258

MHX663-3              6'6"                            3                         Mod-Fast                  $265

MHX703-3               7'                              3                         Mod-Fast                   $271

MHX704-3               7'                              4                         Mod-Fast                   $275

MHX763xf-3           7'6"                            3                         Mod-Fast                   $275


MHX fast action graphite 2 pc rods

Two piece rods are also available in 8'6"#5 weight and 9'0" #2 through #12 weight.

Please e-mail if interested in a 2 piece configuration.


IM7 Green Rainforest II Rods

I have discontinued offering the IM7 green Rainforest II blanks by Pacific Bay.  I will be building-up my existing stock and selling them at a discount in my "Rods on-hand" section.  Although I no longer carry them, these blanks remain an extremely high quality blank made of medium-fast IM7 graphite that is highly responsive with excellent line handling abilities and a crisp action.