Rods on-hand 

 Rod #1.   Pacific Bay IM7 Graphite 6'6" #2, 2piece                $200 shipping included 

Pacific bay has discontinued these green blanks, but that does not make them any less of a performer. The reel seat is a genuine Struble anodized cap and ring, and the grip is hand-turned. Wraps are olive nylon with chromed wire snakes and a hardoloy stripper. Green aluminum tube with olive custom rod bag. This rod is a "canon" and will throw a line 60' with ease. It is a moderate fast rod with lots of power. The price is $200 with shipping included. 



Rod #2.  Honey Lamiglas Small Stream E-glass 7'0" 2 piece #3 Line - $435 

My 2019 version of the timeless e-glass honey lamiglas.  This slow-action classic requires a relaxed stroke that will make you forget all about the hustle and bustle and those whiplash fast graphite rods.  The 7’0” 3 weight is the choice of many anglers for all small stream fishing.  The rod comes with a custom cloth bag, and aluminum tube, and is fitted with an agate stripper, stainless steel chromed light wire snakes, and a nickel-silver Bellinger pocketed cap and ring with Garrison-style knurling.  The sliding ring is swaged for a perfect fit, the seat spacer is cork under the sliding ring, and brown cocobolo wood under the cap.  This is the configuration Garrison used when he wanted a strong, well-fitting seat, and it remains a classic today.  The wraps are candy-apple red with sunburst trim.  


Rod #3.  Custom-built Jenkins PLG 7'6," 2/1, 5 wt.                             $350 + shipping

Rod #3a.  Custom-built Jenkins PLG 7'3," 2/1, 4 wt.                            Sold

Please see description page under my Fiberglass Fly Rods heading.


Rod #4.  NOS Cortland Diamondback II 8'0" #4 weight S-Glass                     $325

This is the last of my Diamondback II build Series.  This rod includes: hand-turned blue variegated cork grip; REC aluminum down-locking seat with Buckeye burl spacer; chromed snake guides and stripper; translucent royal blue wraps with a hint of gold metallic tipping; and original rod bag and tube.  These rods represent a real bargain; some recent s-glass rods of similar action and power are selling for more than $600 each these days!



Rod #5.  MHX 9' 5wt. White Graphite                                                           SALE $225 

My prototype MHX white rod with a green/black weave graphite uplocking reel seat, reverse half-wells grip, and guacamole/black wraps. Rod comes with a registered limited life-time warranty.


Rod #6  7'6" #4/5 wt. "Slow Graphite" Gray Graphite                         Sold        7'6," 2 piece charcoal gray moderate action graphite rod for 4/5 wt. Wrapped in imperial purple with goldenrod accents, rod comes with a green-gray flannel custom rod bag. Rod is marked "Custom Built."




Rod #7. Green Matrix IM6 Graphite 9'0" 5 wt. 4 Piece                        Sold

A great moderate action 4 piece rod with down locking cocobolo seat, Fenwick-style half-wells grip, and green/black wraps. Comes with a custom green flannel bag and tube.



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