Custom graphite and fiberglass fly rods


I have built fly rods, off and on, for 40 years and fished them in the tumbling freestone streams of western New England.  Woronoco, an Algonquian Indian word meaning "The place of many windings" is the location where I have chosen to create beautiful, functional and affordable fly rods.  It is a place where the Westfield River cuts through the Berkshire Hills and meanders on its way to the Connecticut River.  I live and work only a few minutes from excellent trout fishing water.

My rod building is a reflection of my past experiences.  Even today I much prefer fiberglass fly rods because they require the relaxed casting stroke of bamboo without the fragility and the cost.  I also enjoy graphite rods even though they require a more frenetic casting stroke.  Graphite makes me a better long caster and I would not be without it in heavier weights for saltwater, Atlantic Salmon and wild wind and water conditions.

Even though it is a passion, rod building is still a recreation for me.  I had a day job completely unrelated to the fishing tackle industry.  Now I am semi-retired and I have returned to spend more time with my passion.  To my thinking, custom-crafted fishing rods can be tools, but also artistic expressions of the builder's and the owner's psyche.  Fly rods do not have to be made on the most expensive or the most popular rod blank to achieve that goal.