Small Stream Rods

"Klassic" Glass


These are my light-line e-glass rod series.  These rod blanks are designed and sold by Angler’s Roost as a light-line offering, and they are my most popular selling items.

They are moderate action rods with a very supple tip and a less pliant butt section.  These rods are sweet - casting in a way that is a refreshing change from many of the soft-butted Asian glass blanks you see nowadays.  These “Klassic Glass” thin walled rods feature a fairly quick response with little tip bounce.  As with many Asian-made blanks of this ilk, there may be minor manufacturing imperfections, but these rods are a great buy for the price.  And,They cast the line they are rated for-where have you seen that lately?

I build a lot into these rods.  I personally inspect and spine each blank, and plug the end of the spigots with foam and a layer of epoxy, and I make certain the spigot fit is correct. 

My build uses a hand-turned AAAA quality cork grip, and a highly functional up-locking reel seat.  I use chromed stainless steel snake guides and a chromed wire stripper with wraps of brown silk with beige tipping.  The wraps are coated with uv-resistant low-build epoxy for long life.  I pack my “Klassic Glass” in a flannel rod bag within a black abs shipping tube that doubles as an indestructible rod case you can just toss into your car.

The color is melon orange, and clear white.

I build them in four lengths: 

6’6,” three piece, three weight (pictured)

7’0,” three piece, 3/4 weight

7”6,” three piece, 4 weight

8'0," three piece, 5 weight

I am offering these at $199 each – a quality build at a good price-and I guaranty it.



Fiberglass Small Stream Fly Rods

These are my rugged e-glass rods built on Batson black Forecast SPG fiberglass blanks.  These rods come in 1 piece, or 2 piece by special order, and are designed to handle 4, 5, and 6 weight lines.  Rod lengths are 4'4," 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, and 7 feet lengths.   Please see my description in the section on Fiberglass Fly Rods. Prices for 1 piece rods are $290 each.

A Fiberglass 2 piece small stream rod and native Brook Trout catch.

MHX Moderate-fast action small stream graphite 3 pc rods

Introducing for those who prefer a light graphite rod for small stream fishing:

MHX662-3              6'6"                            2                         Mod-Fast                  $258

MHX663-3              6'6"                            3                         Mod-Fast                  $265

MHX703-3               7'                              3                         Mod-Fast                   $271

MHX704-3               7'                              4                         Mod-Fast                   $275

MHX763xf-3           7'6"                            3                         Mod-Fast                   $275