Fiberglass Fly Rods

Fiberglass fly rods make up the bulk of my sales.  Two types of glass are now available: the slow-to-medium action e-glass and the slightly faster s-glass (s2 glass to be specific). 


I offer e-glass builds in traditional 1, 2, and 3 piece configurations from Anglers Roost Enterprises, Lamiglas, Jahn's Netcraft, and Batson SPG.  These are tried and true, off the shelf blanks supplied to rod builders.  You cannot buy these as a production offering from any of the big rod houses.  While I use most blanks as is, I modify some in length, or number of pieces.


For 2018, I am featuring s-glass offerings from two manufacturers: the Livingstone Rod Company's Western Glass in 8'6," and 8'9" lengths for #5 and #6 line weights; also my new old stock Cortland Diamondback II series (see my section on the Diamondback II for more information).  S-glass has a quicker responce than e-glass and many anglers prefer it when transitioning from graphite. 


I also offer a series of 2 piece e-glass rods in 7'6" #5, and 7'3" #4 rods built upon discontinued Jenkins brown glass blanks.  Although Mr. Jenkins no longer manufactures, or builds on these blanks, they remain one of the finest recent e-glass designs.  See my section on Jenkins PLG fiberglass series for more information.


Lamiglas Fiberglass Fly Rod Builds

Honey Lamiglas 7'6" #4 weight with uplocking UL3 reel seat


Lamiglas honey e-glass blanks remain full-flexing and slow action; demanding a very relaxed stroke. These rods have a powerful butt section with a full-flexing tip that surprises graphite anglers with its deep flexing accuracy.  Best for casts under 50 feet, these rods are easy on the shoulder and relaxing to cast for the person who wants to get away from the “rat-race.”  Honey Lamiglas rod blanks are manufactured in the USA.


My current Lamiglas configurations are 2 piece with tip over butt ferrules.   Lamiglas has recently lowered the factory prices on their blanks, and that means I can pass those savings on to you at these new, lowered prices:


Rod                                                                                            New low Prices:

6'0" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $430

A special build for someone who wants a truly slow action 3 wt. short rod.

6'6" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $430

This is a very slow, short small stream rod.

7'0" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $435

One of the sweetest honey Lami's, I recommend this rod for first-time glass users, coming from graphite, who want a 3 wt. slow action rod for the first time.

7'6" 4 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $435

My overall favorite, the 7'6" is a slow action rod that can do it all on moderate-sized streams - a nice dry fly rod.  My favorite for dry flies on the Massachusetts Swift River tailwater.

7'6" Honey Lamiglas build in aluminum down-locking reelseat with cocobolo wood spacer and hand-turned 6" cigar grip.  The wraps are sunburst with dark brown trim. 

7'9" 3 or 4 wt, 2 pieces with staggered ferrule                                         $440

This is one of my favorite configurations - it is essentially an extended butt 7'0," or 7'6" Lami that has a staggered ferrule with one section (the butt section) longer than the tip.  It offers more tip action and better line control on the water.  Because most rod builders consider it wrong to have the butt section longer than the tip, you might be considered a little zany by some when you use it, but it works.

My 7'9" Extended Lamiglas Fly Rod 

8'0" 5 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $440

The 8'0" represents my heaviest line weight option in the slow action glass configuration.



Honey Lamiglas rod with all-aluminum reel seat, cigar grip, and candy-apple red, black, and white wraps.



"Klassic" Glass Small Stream E-Glass Rods


This is my inexpensive light-line e-glass rod series.  These rod blanks are designed and sold by Angler’s Roost as a new fiberglass light-line offering, and they are one of my best sellers.


"Rod got here yesterday.  Looks absolutely perfect!  And I really like the action.  Much softer tip and more progressive than the rod I'm replacing.  It can actually cast a 2weight line, and do it with the ease that glass should." A satisfied Customer

They are moderate action rods with a very supple tip and a less pliant butt section.  These rods are sweet - casting in a way that is a refreshing change from many of the soft-butted Asian glass blanks you see nowadays.  These “Klassic Glass” thin walled rods feature a fairly quick response with little tip bounce and the action is progressive.  As with many Asian-made blanks of this ilk, there may be minor manufacturing imperfections, but these rods are a great buy for the price.  And,They cast the line they are rated for-where have you seen that lately?

I build a lot into these rods.  I personally inspect and spine each blank, and plug the end of the spigots with foam and a layer of epoxy, and I make certain the spigot fit is correct. 

My build uses a hand-turned AAAA quality cork grip, and a highly functional up-locking reel seat.  I use chromed stainless steel snake guides and a chromed wire stripper with wraps of brown silk with beige tipping.  The wraps are coated with uv-resistant low-build epoxy for long life.  I pack my “Klassic Glass” in a cotton rod bag within a black abs shipping tube that doubles as an indestructible rod case you can just toss into your car.  For additional information, visit my "Klassic" glass entry under Small Stream Rods.

The color is "melon orange" with brown wraps and biege tipping


Now, also offered in white with clear wraps and orange tipping

I build both colors in five lengths:

6'0," three piece, 1/2 weight

6’6,” three piece, three weight

7’0,” three piece, 3/4 weight

7”6,” three piece, 4 weight

8'0,"  three piece 5 weight

I am offering these at $185 each – a quality build at a good price-and I guaranty it.


Netcraft Black E-Glass Fiberglass Blanks

Jann's Netcraft proprietary glass blanks are moderate glass action, 5/6 wt. gloss black lightly-sanded e-glass rods.  They are a little faster than the Lamiglas but still have a traditional fiberglass feel. These are comparable to the traditional utility glass rod that can be used in a variety of fishing situations.  I offer this rod in three sizes: 8’ tip over butt ferrule; a 7’6” 2 piece model; and a staggered ferrule, 7’6."   


8-0. 5/6 wt, 2 pc.                                                                                      $295

This is my personal go-to utility rod for with traditional nymphs, wet flies, streamers and dries on medium-sized streams.  Go ahead and throw sinking tip lines with this one, it can take it!

7-6. 5/6 wt. 2 pc, tip over butt staggered ferrule                                      $295 

I remove 6 inches off the butt of the 8’ blank for those who prefer the same action in a 7’6” length. 

7-6. 5/6 wt. 2 pc.                                                                                       $295

I also offer a 2 pc, 7-6 that I modify by removing 3” from each section for those who prefer even sections and old-fashioned glass action.


8' Netcraft with uplocking blackweave seat and cigar grip. Wraps are black and old gold nylon.

Netcraft black 8' fiberglass rod built in Harnell colors (Red and yellow). I have made this my personal rod and I have had many pleasurable days astream with it using wets, nymphs, and dries.


My Black Small Stream E-Glass Fly Rods


Since 2012, I have offered a popular series of e-glass short, small stream rods that are built on Batson Forecast black-finished SPG fiberglass blanks.  Batson sells the blanks as 1 piece spinning rod blanks, but the models I choose make excellent short fly rods.  I am currently offering my small stream fly rods 1 piece.  These are designed to handle 4, 5, and 6 weight lines depending on the casting styles of the user.  Rod lengths are 4'4" (banty), 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 6.5,’ and 7' lengths.  Cut and ferruled 2 piece models are available by special request.  These are great specialty rods and each comes with a matching rod bag and my black ABS capped tube. 


  Rod                                                                                                         Prices:

4'4"     1 pc.                                                                                                $290

5'         1 pc.                                                                                                $290

5'6"      1 pc.                                                                                               $290

6'          1 pc.                                                                                               $290

6'6"      1 pc.                                                                                               $290

7'         1 pc.                                                                                                $290


Small stream rod "hero picture" from a client in northern Maine.