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"Klassic Glass" Rod

Honey Lamiglas 7'6" #4 weight with uplocking UL3 reel seat

Fiberglass Fly Rods

The resurgence in fiberglass fly rods has produced some excellent modern glass offerings.  Two types of glass are now available: the slow-to-medium action e-glass; and the slightly faster s-glass.  There are also glass-graphite blends and graphite that mimics glass performance on the market.  You can even find glass that mimics graphite!  The angler has never had such wonderful choices to make in fiberglass!

While I may provide s-glass rods in the future, I continue to offer proven e-glass builds in configurations that I personally fish.  This includes manufacturers’ blanks such as Lamiglas, Jann’s Netcraft, and Batson SPG.  These are tried and true off the shelf blanks supplied to rod builders.  You cannot buy these as a production offering from any of the big rod houses.  While I use most of these blanks as is, I do modify some of the blanks including the Lamiglas 6’0” and 7’9”; the Netcraft 7’6”; and the Batson SPG small stream rods.

A special note: the tackle industry has changed a great deal since I first introduced my glass builds seven years ago.  Blank price increases, and changes in the availability and price of components, are reflected in the prices below.  


Lamiglas Fiberglass Fly Rod Blanks

Lamiglas honey e-glass blanks remain full-flexing and slow action; demanding a very relaxed stroke. These rods have a powerful butt section with a full-flexing tip that surprises graphite anglers with its deep flexing accuracy.  Best for casts under 50 feet, these rods are easy on the shoulder and relaxing to cast for the person who wants to get away from the “rat-race.”.

Honey Lamiglas rods are manufactured in the USA.

My current configurations are on 2 piece Lamiglas honey-colored e-glass blanks with tip over butt ferrules.  Components will include down-locking and up-locking aluminum Strubble reel seats for as long as my stash of these now discontinued reel seats hold out.  The grips are the highest grade cork obtainable and the guides are chrome coated stainless steel.  Rods are available in the following lengths:

Rod                                                                                                         Prices:

6'0" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $388

A special build for someone who wants a truly slow action 3 wt. short rod.

6'6" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $388

This is a very slow short small stream rod.

7'0" 3 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $401

The sweetest honey Lami, it is great for first-time glass users who want a 3 wt. slow action rod for the first time.

7'6" 4 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $403

An overall favorite, the 7'6" is a slow action rod that can do it all, and a nice dry fly rod.

7'6" Honey Lamiglas build in standard aluminum down-locking reelseat with cocobolo wood spacer and hand-turned 6" cigar grip.  The wraps are sunburst with dark brown trim. 

7'9" 3 or 4 wt, 2 pieces with staggered ferrule                                         $403

This is my personal favorite: a 7'0" 3 wt. Lami with an extended butt to make it a 7'9" rod.  It offers more tip action and better line control on the water.  Because most rod builders consider it wrong to have the butt section longer than the tip, you might be considered a little zany by some.

My 7'9" Extended Lamiglas Fly Rod 

8'0" 5 wt, 2 piece                                                                                      $407

The 8'0" Lami is the heaviest line weight option in slow action glass.



Honey Lamiglas rod with all-aluminum reel seat, cigar grip, and candy-apple red, black, and white wraps.


Jann's Netcraft Black Fiberglass Blanks

For those in the know, house brand blanks such as these represent good value.  Although they lack the prestige (and high ticket price) of big name brands, most tackle houses put a great deal of effort into offering an effective rod.  After all, they are putting their name and risking their reputation on them.  This blank is undoubtedly manufactured to Jann’s specifications in Asia.  Jann’s sells them as fly rods, or steelhead spinning blanks. 

Netcraft glass rods are moderate glass action, 5/6 wt. gloss black lightly-sanded glass rods.  They are a little faster than the Lamiglas but still have a traditional fiberglass feel. I offer this rod in three sizes: 8’ tip over butt ferrule; a 7’6” 2 piece model; and a staggered ferrule, 7’6.  Grips are better grade half-wells and full-wells with aluminum down-locking or up-locking reel seats.  Stripping guides are traditional chrome/stainless ring, or hardloy ceramic with chromed stainless steel snake guides.


8-0. 5/6 wt, 2 pc.                                                                                      $295

This is my personal go-to rod for with traditional nymphs, wet flies, streamers and dries on medium-sized streams.

7-6. 5/6 wt. 2 pc, tip over butt staggered ferrule                                      $295 

I remove 6 inches off the butt of the 8’ blank for those who prefer the same action in a 7’6” length. 

7-6. 5/6 wt. 2 pc.                                                                                       $295

I also offer a 2 pc, 7-6 that I modify by removing 3” from each section for those who prefer even sections.


8' Netcraft with uplocking blackweave seat and cigar grip. Wraps are black and old gold nylon.

Netcraft black 8' fiberglass rod built in Harnell colors (Red and yellow). I have made this my personal rod and I have had many pleasurable days astream with it using wets, nymphs, and dries.


Small Stream E-Glass Fly Rods


Since 2012, I have offered a popular series of e-glass short, small stream rods that are built on Batson Forecast black-finished SPG fiberglass blanks.  Batson sells the blanks as 1 piece spinning rod blanks, but the models I choose make excellent short fly rods.  My small stream fly rods can be had in 1 piece, or 2 piece configurations with spigot ferrules that I personally cut and install.  These are designed to handle 4, 5, and 6 weight lines depending on the casting styles of the user.  Rod lengths are 5’, 5.5’, 6’, 6.5’, 7’, and 7’-3” lengths.  Again, you cannot buy these as factory-made rods.  I buy them as 1 piece blanks and cut and ferrule the 2 piece models.  These are great specialty rods and each comes with a matching rod bag and aluminum tube. 


  Rod                                                                                                         Prices:

5'         1 pc.                                                                                                $290

5'         2 pc.                                                                                                $310

5'6"      1 pc.                                                                                               $290

5'6"      2 pc.                                                                                               $310

6'          1 pc.                                                                                               $290

6'          2 pc.                                                                                               $310

6'6"      1 pc.                                                                                               $290

6'6"      2 pc.                                                                                               $310

7'         1 pc.                                                                                                $290

7'         2 pc.                                                                                                $310                                                                          

Small stream rod "hero picture" from a client in northern Maine.