Cortland Diamondback II New Old Stock Blank Series



In 2011, Cortland introduced a sweet casting s-glass series designated the Diamondback II.  Chronologically, these sweet-casting rods were made after the original Diamondbacks, and before the recent, black Meeker Diamondbacks. 


Today, those in the know, seek Diamondback II rods out and snap-up any they can find.  Diamondback II blanks are designed for precise, delicate presentations, and they are very accurate in-close, but quite capable of long casts too.  Their medium-progressive action, with tip over butt ferrules, gives them plenty of backbone.


Paying homage to the quality of these Diamondback II rods, I am offering three builds for $325 each.  Once these are sold, I will have no more:


7’6” 3 weight, 3 piece – Sold
8’0” 4 weight, 3 piece – for sale at $325 (see my listing in rods on-hand)
8’6” 4 weight, 3 piece – Sold



My builds combine the original S22 fiberglass blend, midnight blue-translucent blanks with modern 2017 fittings.  This includes hand-turned cork grips of blue variegated cork rings.  Seats are REC pearl aluminum down-locking with California Buckeye Burl spacers.  The guides are chromed stainless steel snakes and stripper.  Windings are translucent royal blue, with a hint of gold metallic tipping.  Rods include original blue/white plaid bags and blue nylon covered rod tubes. 

Prices are realistic retro prices at $325 each. Contact me for shipping prices (I charge only the actual shipping cost).  These builds represent a real bargain; some modern S-glass rods of similar action and power are selling for more than $600 each these days!