Atlantic Salmon, Saltwater, and Big Bass Rods

Saltwater Rods

My saltwater builds utilize TFO BVK blanks at a retail price of $410.  The BVK blank is a new, light fast-action blank that has received a great deal of attention because of its magnificent performance and value.

For the BVK series, Temple Fork has adopted the industry standard tip-over sleeve ferrule used on most 4 piece rods these days.  They have also chosen olive-green for the color and a high gloss finish with a gold lettering label.  Originally, TFO offered these rods with REC stripping guides and chromed stainless steel snake guides.  To maintain a price point, they replaced the REC stripping guides with heavier chromed stainless steel framed ceramic guides.  A number of reviewers have wished they had retained the REC strippers, and some reviewers also noted short-comings in the reel seats as well.

REC 20 mm Stripper Guide Completed Wrap.

So, why should you pay $410 for one of my builds when TFO sells this rod built for less?  You should buy my rod because I use those REC RECOIL guides for all ten guides on my rod.  REC guides are made from special nickel titanium Space-Age alloy that has “shape memory” allowing the guide to return to its original shape after repeated deformations.  That’s important if you have ever seen the abuse rod guides can take in a boat or tackle locker.  Another important fact is that RECOIL wire cannot corrode in any environment.

REC Snake Guide Completed Wrap.

I also use Pacific Bay Aluminum Channel Lock reel seats that are light, and functional to hold the big reels saltwater fishing requires; a fixed fighting butt; and the highest grade cork 7”, or 7.5” full-wells grip available.  The tiptop also is a large loop REC model that will survive years of heavy use.  I place the guides on the rod’s spine for greater casting and fish-fighting performance, and I use size A or D olive nylon thread for strong wraps that will not come loose.  I also supply a fine aluminum rod tube with each rod (something TFO does not do).


Fighting Butt, Aluminum Reel Seat and Full-Wells Grip With Rod Under Construction


The finished rod!


Saltwater 4pc. TFO BVK Rods:

Model           Color             Length          Sections          Line Weight          Action            Price

7904B          Olive                9'0"                  4                        7                  fast               $410

8904B          Olive                9'0"                  4                        8                  fast               $410

9904B          Olive                9'0"                  4                        9                  fast               $410

10904B        Olive                9'0"                  4                       10                 fast               $410


My 30 lb. RedFish.  I must confess, I caught this on a spin rod!  My red on a fly was only 7 lbs-central Florida 2010.

Sight-casting for redfish and drum on the flats of Florida and the Gulf Coast is probably the most demanding fly fishing I have ever done.  You want a light weight rod in line weights 7, 8, 9, and 10, and you need to be prepared and practiced.  The Temple Fork Outfitters BVK series is an excellent rod in this situation.  I also can build saltwater rods on Pacific Bay Rainforest 2, and MHX blanks as well.

 Rainforest 2, 9'0" 7 weight Redfish/Atlantic Salmon grilse rod equiped with a Channel Lock seat and 20 mm stripping guide.


Atlantic Salmon Rods

My saltwater rods on MHX, TFO and Rainforest 2 blanks will work equally well as salmon rods.  If requested, I can build these rods with REC guides, otherwise I use the more traditional 16 mm stripper guide and Chrome-plated stainless steel snake guides.  In addition to a fixed fighting butt, my Salmon builds can also come with a detachable fighting butt.  You have many choices.


Me on the left with my catch-and-release 15 lb. Atlantic Salmon and trusty New Brunswick guide - Miramachi River, 2009